How the 1990 MTB World Champ beat me at my own radish game.

…or, there’s a rump in every radish. Since the launch of Be Radish a few weeks back, friends have asked: Is it just about radishes? How much can you write about radishes? Will there be recipes? The answers are not clear. We believe we have much to share about radishes, as otherwise, we wouldn’t have launched….

Three cheers for the rad, white and blue.

…or, what to bring to your next holiday party. Deciding what to bring to any party can be downright difficult. Most of us have a go-to item, something as simple as a party-sized bag of salt and pepper Kettle chips.  For many, it presents an immediate irritant each and every time you click yes to an Event…

Get your radishes in a row.

…or, how Be Radish came to be. Naming something, whether a product, a business, or a blog is only easy when you’re not trying. The conversation usually goes like this, “Duck Fat! What a great name for a band!” But when it comes to the serious business of scouting and selecting a perfect name, it’s…

Five Seven Five

Small things often come in very structured packages. Take the haiku for example. It is a simple three line Japanese poem with a total of 17 syllables broken down into a 5-7-5 format. For those that have forgotten, this entails five syllables in the first line, seven in the second, and five in the third….

You had me at hello.

Throughout the last few years  I’ve been developing a fondness for the radish. As a low calorie, crunchy snack one couldn’t go wrong. I’d wash them, put them in a small bowl and eat them like an apple. They were usually gone in three bites or less. Sometimes, however,  I’d forget they were in the…