You had me at hello.

Throughout the last few years  I’ve been developing a fondness for the radish. As a low calorie, crunchy snack one couldn’t go wrong. I’d wash them, put them in a small bowl and eat them like an apple. They were usually gone in three bites or less. Sometimes, however,  I’d forget they were in the fridge or just wasn’t in the mood and they would end up in compost. Each time I let them lapse and had to dump them…I felt guilty.

But then something of life changing proportions happened.

I was over at my friend Tom’s house one night for dinner. One of Tom’s favorite novella’s is Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Childs. And when he’s not watching Formula 1 he’s watching cooking shows.  One night while I was sipping a superbly mixed Sazerac, awaiting the main course, I was offered an appetizer that looked so familiar yet so utterly foreign. Presented on a small, white, square plate were just a few slices of radish, salted, lightly peppered, and drizzled with oil. I had never seen radishes served so eloquently and with such honor.

If love can truly arrive at first bite then Oh! Mi amore! The near unspeakable titillation on my tongue – it had me at hello.

Radishes and I have just celebrated our year anniversary. My love, desire, interest, and obsession since our first date has only grown. While I would never liken myself to a crazy cat lady in the radish form, I do believe it’s healthier to be nutty for the radish than nuttier for cats.

If I’ve got a bunch of radishes sitting around, I can just as easily slice, salt, pepper, oil and eat them as I could a bag of Kettle chips. They are that good. Why not opt for radishes given the choice?

I know I’m not alone.  We’ve only just begun to uncover the joy of the radish and it’s going to be an incredible journey.

Cats? Chips? Radishes?

I heart radish. You can, too.


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