How the 1990 MTB World Champ beat me at my own radish game.

…or, there’s a rump in every radish.

Since the launch of Be Radish a few weeks back, friends have asked: Is it just about radishes? How much can you write about radishes? Will there be recipes?

The answers are not clear. We believe we have much to share about radishes, as otherwise, we wouldn’t have launched. And it’s not just about radishes per-say, it’s about being radish. It’s a lifestyle.

“What exactly does being radish mean?” another friend inquired. “Does being radish mean being sort of rad yet not all the way rad?”

A smart question, I thought. There is little wrong with being sort of rad as opposed to being fully rad. If you believe that you’re fully rad, you are probably taking too many selfies or even worse, own a selfie stick. It’s unlikely you’ll find a selfie on this blog, unless of course, there’s demand for them.

One of my Newfoundland cousins posted a question on the Be Radish Facebook Page* last week asking, “When will we see pictures of people eating radishes?”  The answer to that question is also not clear.  We might never.**

But enough of what we don’t know or might never do.  What we do know and what we discovered almost immediately is that we have the opportunity to affect a sizable amount people.

Upon the launch of Be Radish unrelated conversations with former colleagues and friends ensued – as they do.  Soon enough, the topic turned to radishes.

“Have you seen my blog?” I inquired.

“I’ll check it when I get home,” my friend George promised. “What’s the address?”

“Humor me,” I implored. “Go there now – it’ll only take a second. Take a look. It’s be radish dot com.”

“Holy radish!  Those look pretty good!” he admitted.

“If you’ve never eaten them sliced, salted, peppered and drizzled with oil,” I preached, “just try it. I’m confident it will change the way you feel about radishes.”

“Ya know what? I think I’m going to stop at the grocery store on the way home and pick up some radishes,” he continued. “What kind of wine should we pair with them ?”


“I’d do a dry white,” I suggested.

And so the story has gone throughout the last month.

A few nights later I received a text from Ned Overend, the 1990 Mountain Bike World Champion, who wrote, “I love the photos and the blog almost enough to actually eat a radish. I’ll look for some the next time I’m at the grocery.”

The following weekend, I received these images of Ned and his plated little beauties.


I had to admit, I’d never considered using their butts as a garnish! But it made complete sense.  The genus*** for radish, after all, is Raphanus sativus, therefore putting an anus in every radish.


_                       _                       _

*Be Radish Facebook Page.  Follow us on Facebook at BeRadish.

**I didn’t lie. That is not a selfie of Ned Overend; his wife took that photo.

***Genus refers to a taxonomic category ranking below family and above species. It is a class of things that have common characteristics.

Photo credit:  The three in this post (excluding feature image) are the property of Ned Overend.




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  1. Emily Miller says:

    This is one RAD blog!


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