Be Radish is about radishes. It’s about stories related to radishes, stories that have developed due to radishes, events that have occurred because of radishes, and life-altering  experiences that never would have happened if it weren’t for radishes.

Be Radish is also about eating radishes. It’s about different ways to prepare them for consumption and different approaches to cooking them. It’s about radish varietals. It’s about radish art.

Ultimately, it’s about being radish.  You had me at hello [post] will explain where this all started. But in a nutshell…

One day while dining at a friend’s house, I was served an appetizer that looked so familiar yet so utterly foreign. Presented on a small, white, square plate were just a few slices of radish, salted, lightly peppered, and drizzled with oil. I had never seen radishes served so eloquently and with such honor.

If love can truly arrive at first bite then Oh! Mi amore! The near unspeakable titillation on my tongue – it had me at hello.

If you do not yet have a place in your heart for the radish, you have come to the right place. I’m confident you shall soon share my bliss. #BeRadish